JU-KNOW GmbH Heidelberg



We accompany you on your way into the future of mobility – always with the focus on people.
Curiosity about innovations, ideas, changes and new beginnings is in our DNA

More than 250 successfully completed projects. Our expertise is focused on the automotive and e-bike industry

  • Innovation development
  • Design
  • Strategic brand development
  • Marketing
  • Training

Since 2011 we have been working increasingly in the field of new mobility

  • New drive types
  • New vehicle concepts
  • Connectivity and autonomous driving
  • Wirtschaft teilen
  • Mobility as a Service



Ursula Kloé und Jürgen Häussler

Founder und Managing Partner der JU-KNOW GmbH

Am Büchsenackerhang 70-1 

69118 Heidelberg

Telefon +49 6221 / 892 656

Webseite: www.ju-know.com