Stöhr Metal Technology

New technologies and developments are helping to move ever closer to "zero-emission mobility" and to focus on sustainability. Stöhr Metalltechnologie inaugurated the first e-charging station at Sparkasse Pforzheim in Nagold back in 2015. Subsequently, further e-charging columns were presented and put into operation. Stöhr Metalltechnologie has therefore been very committed to the mobility transition for more than five years and actively promotes it.

In addition, Stöhr Metalltechnologie gives numerous presentations on how to increase electromobility in everyday working life, e.g. with the help of e-bikes, thus taking another step towards zero-emission mobility.  Stöhr bicycle garages with charging options can already be found by Stöhr at numerous train stations in the country.

Stöhr works according to the motto "Creative - Innovative - Competent" and supplies good products not only in the field of future mobility, but also in toolmaking and metalworking. For example, Stöhr manufactures distribution cabinets for panel heating and sanitary systems, protective cabinets for laboratory fitters, and enclosures - from simple cover hoods to complex cladding for heating and ventilation technology and mechanical engineering. For individual requirements, they develop the optimal solution in close cooperation with the customer.


Stöhr GmbH Metalltechnologie
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