AEN – Attentive   Efficient   Natural

     is initiator, mediator and accelerator of innovations. As a neutral institution, we bundle relevant expert knowledge, especially for small and medium-sized companies, as well as start-ups, so that they can successfully implement their innovations.

In hardly any other region in Germany does so much scientific excellence meet such a high density of technology-driven companies as in Karlsruhe.

By combining the most diverse knowledge from business, science, administration and politics, we manage and drive innovation projects forward! Our innovation events, workshops, partner events, trade fair participations and public relations work additionally strengthen the transfer of know-how.

AEN is the gateway to a progressive innovation community: We link companies, universities and research institutes, important companies in Baden-Württemberg, organisations funded by the state and many other networks to form a structured unit of specialised knowledge.


We turn Karlsruhe companies into the technology winners of tomorrow and sustainably strengthen Karlsruhe as a business location.



We offer:

  • Start-Up Consulting
  • Development of new business areas and markets
  • Networking of the members
  • Procure members with suitable cooperation partners
  • Strengthen the long-term business capability of our customers
  • Orientation about future innovations and markets
  • Subsidy consulting
  • Intensive energy auditing
  • Market presence & consumer contact
  • Creative event formats
  • Workshops and expert meetings
  • AEN – Newsletter