Müller Spot-Plating GmbH

Müller Spot-Plating GmbH is a subsidiary of IMO GmbH. Müller Spot-Plating and IMO have been committed to environmental protection from an early stage and offer solutions for areas such as photovoltaics, wind power or other regenerative energy sources with the motto "We set the course for your long-term success in a forward-looking industry!". In addition, IMO sees itself as a pioneer in the electroplating industry and uses state-of-the-art techniques to produce in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


As the market leader in surface technology, they not only have the latest technologies,
 but also a strong and competent team, which stands for quality, innovative spirit and technological advantage.
 With exactly this head start in technologies IMO was able to secure noteworthy customers like Bosch, Philips and Siemens. IMO makes it not only mIn addition to being able to carry out single-part electroplating and strip electroplating for standardized orders, it is also possible to provide customers with optimum advice at the early stages of order development. 

As a pilot in the AEN network IMO is a big part and strengthens this position with the Environmental Award Baden-Württemberg, which was handed over to them in 2004. IMO thus combines quality and technology with expertise and sustainability - and thus also sets an example as a strong Karlsruhe company that makes the difference!




The company Müller Spot Plating is a pilot operation of E2Driver.

Müller Spot-Plating GMBH
Remchinger Straße 5 75203 Königsbach-Stein
Tel.: +49 7232 3006-0