regioKArgo - Logistics with future

Committed climate protection is the order of the day. The vision of regioKArgo is to get more goods onto the railways - and to do so already in the near future.
Numerous renowned partners are working on a holistic logistics concept. The centerpiece is the development of a new type of freight light rail system. In the future, it will transport passengers and Transporting parcels - from the region to the city and vice versa. Starting from transshipment areas in the region - the consolidation centers - parcels are to be transported by rail with the help of the new light rail vehicles to transshipment points within the city - the city hubs. From there, the goods will be distributed further on the "last mile" in a climate-friendly way. With all the positive effects: Less traffic, less noise, fewer emissions. Logistics with a future - that's regioKArgo.